Website IP address finder

How to find the IP address of a website ?

To quickly find out the IP address of a site, proceed as follows:

On the Start menu, click Programs, then click MSDOS Commands, or click the Run command on the Start menu Type the following command: ping

(example gives

what is my ip address for this computer

What is an IP address ?

On the Internet, computers communicate with each other using a set of protocols including the Internet Protocol (IP). This protocol uses digital addresses called IP addresses. for more information see here.

How do you know the country where your server is hosted?

In many cases, it may be necessary to determine the country in which a computer is located, and in particular the server hosting a website. Many tools allow this information to be obtained very quickly.

It can sometimes be interesting, even important, to define the country in which the server which hosts your site is located. Typical example: your site is in .com (therefore no geographic extension such as .fr, .be or .uk). If you want to obtain maximum visibility on, it will be better for your site to be hosted in France. Ditto for Germany with hosting in Germany if your site is in .com, .net or .eu for example (remember here that .eu, .alsace or .paris are considered as generic extensions by Google and therefore without any geographical connotation). We can also imagine other cases for which knowing this country of hosting can be beneficial (such as the case where you use a CDN to distribute your traffic between several different servers).

To find out, you can use the Website IP finder service and type in your domain name. The results page

will tell you the IP address of the server:

How to find the IP address of a website

But this is not the only tool that allows you to obtain this geographic data once you have an IP address. Having needed this type of information as part of an ongoing project, we asked the question on social networks and many tools were offered to us, giving this indication in a more or less different form, more or less less complex.

To find out, you can use the IP FINDER service and type in your IP.

You can of course use these tools to geolocate any computer responding to an IP address and not just a web server.