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What is an IP address??

Let's start with a few basics. An IP address is a unique identifier for each computer or phone connected to the Internet. A standard IP address consists of several digits, separated by periods. for more details access here

What is IP-based geolocation?

IP-based geolocation is a way to locate a computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.

To get started, all you need is your target's IP address, which you can get using a simple PHP script, and a geolocation finder. The geolocation tool then queries the public databases to determine the contact details and registration information for the requested IP address.

Using an online tool, you can track an IP address and trace it back to the vicinity of exactly where a person is, if they are communicating with you over the Internet ... and if you want to know where they really are. We will see that there are several reasons for wanting to access this information.

If you can find its IP address, you will be able to find out the location of the device, within a few kilometers. In fact, you will get the following information:




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geolocate an IP address by my location ip ?

Do you need proof? Let's see where you are, in real time, right now. The tools listed below all allow you to geolocate. Some of them also allow you to test an IP address other than your own.

locating IP address (Mylocationip)

How it works ?

IP addresses are distributed by IANA (a department of ICANN), which allocates them to a Regional Internet Registry. The Regional Registers then allocate these addresses to our Internet service providers (Free, Orange, Bouygues T�l�com, etc.).

All the addresses distributed in this way are stored inside huge databases. It is these databases which are queried by the tools mentioned above and which make it possible to know the region in which an IP address has been assigned.